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I'd like to see Shopify add a load meter built into the Shopify App Dashboard that would show each app's contribution (in time and/or as a percentage) to the page load time.  Apps can be a silent killer to conversion especially when compounded with multiple "helpful" apps.  We were noticing a higher bounce rate week over week until we finally discovered a recently installed app was contributing to a huge chunk of page load time, and as a result, causing customers to abandon the experience altogether (12-17 sec load times).  It'd be nice to have a visual tool that would empower us to weigh the benefit of the app versus the lag factor it would have on the site to help understand if the juice is worth the squeeze. 


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That would be helpful for sure.


Unfortunately, there is close to no ways this can be implemented. The "app" is not just a module that you can easily track the activity for. The app can have lots of components like JavaScript code, external/inline, they can modify each and every liquid code adding its own markup, they can even create dynamic scripts and write directly into the document, etc.


Until something like this is going to implemented (if ever), one should take due diligence when installing any apps. Say limit the installations to one per a couple of days or a week. you can then trace the bad player down by looking at the trend of your page loads.

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