App that allows for unlimited variants where each variant is attached to a separate product.

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I'm trying to create a store with a single product showing that has 6 different customization sections with 2-6 options in each. The problem is I want to have each option combination to have its own image as well as have certain combinations of options to connect to different products I have imported from Oberlo. There will be 200-288 different variants. Is there any apps I could install on my store to achieve this?

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You can use the split variants option in oberlo. I will not advise you to have 1 single products with 288 different variants in it. It will make your customer spending too much time to go through that single product. 


I suggest you to have your niche store selling different designs of T-shirts. Example Inside this store has 288 T-shirts designs. And each designs have different sizes.  


Remember when customer landed on your landing page. Usually their attention level is short. If they landed on a page that gives them 288 options. They will most probably be more confuse and click on back button rather than making a add to cart or Initiate Check Out.