App that allows multiple discounts?

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Hi all

We are trying to implement a sale, but we also would like a referral program to also be used (via discount codes).

How can I implement this set up as an automatic discount:

Spend More Get More: (Full Cart discount)
$5-$11 receive a $1.50 discount
$11.01-$25.00 receive a $3.00 discount
$25.01-$40.00 receive a $5.00 discount
$40.01-$65.00 receive a $10.00 discount
$65.01-$100.00 receive a $15.00 discount

Plus Allow customers to use a unique 12 digit discount code. (Using Swell App for this)


Anything helps, Thanks!

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Justuno - (Disclaimer I work at Justuno) can offer that. 

The platform can track the cart value and serve up a discount code in a promotion per your visitor's cart value. One of our client's implemented something very similar to what you're suggesting. (We call them 'tiered promotions). Pretty awesome marketing tactic!

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Hi, we've just released ALL NEW version of Discounts Combine app that may help you.

Now our app will work with discount box at checkout page and cover most of cases in multiple discounts using.

Especially combine 1 Free shipping code with 1 price discount code.

You can try it here with 7 trial days:

Shopify Discounts Combine Application