App that fulfill order to an external website

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I'm a new to e-commerce. So please forgive me if I've asked a stupid question.

I am wondering if there's an app that can automatically fulfill order to an external website?

For example, I saw a product in (Not AliExpress or Amazon) and I list it in my shopify website.

A buyer buy the product that I've listed, and I want it to automatically fulfill the order (i.e the customer names, address, the product that buyer purchased etc) to the external website (

Thank you!

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Yes it's possible but will depend on the external website.

For example, if they have an API integration, you could have a flow like this:

1) Customer orders on your site

2) A custom app on your site sends an API request to the external site

3) On the external site, their server picks up that API request and creates the order in their store


That's the automated but more expensive solution.

Other options I've seen:
- Export your orders once per day and send to the vendors via email (I've built systems like this that send a spreadsheet to a shared dropbox, for example... but you could do it manually too)
- Work an arrangement with the external website so that you can send them an email with the products in the order (we have this set up for some users in our app Order Automator), and they fulfill the order then send you the tracking.

The key for automation is working out a deal with your suppliers, then you can use apps or have developers like me build the automated solutions on your side.

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Thank you all for the reply.

How do I know if external website have that API Integration?

I believe given the 2 replies that I received, I'd need a developer to do it

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You could do few things to find out.

1. If you know them ask them if they have an API

2. You can figure out what e-Commerce platform they are using with a site like

3. Then look for Platform + API in Google 

Once you know if they have an API, then you can use platform like ours or Zapier and do a Trigger (When Order is Received in Shopify do X in the other platform via API).  Depending on the other platform, there already may be a built-in connector that you can use.

Hope this helps. Happy to help you if you need help. Reach out to


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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders might be able to help if the website will accept emailed orders. It allows you to set up suppliers and import products and set cost prices. You can then automatically generate purchase orders from orders your customers make and it will import all of the items they order and their address and email it to your supplier. It can also handle splitting orders into multiple POs where the items have different suppliers. This should help you reduce time spent fulfilling orders and eliminate mistakes.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions