App that restricts customer login to one device at a time

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Hi. We sell streaming videos in our store and would like to restrict customer accounts to only be able to login from one device at a time. We are already using an app that notifies us if videos purchased by an account have been accessed by three different IP addresses, which is great. However, we then have to take action with that customer asking them not to share their login info with friends, which is a challenging customer service task. We want to discourage customer from sharing their login by preventing multiple people from accessing the videos in an account at the same time. I haven't been able to find an app that does this. Does anyone know of an app that does this or any other way to do this in Shopify? Thank you!

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Hey, @BBC31 

We heard you. Please give Multi Login Lockdown a try.

We built this app solely for discouraging people from sharing their login credentials.

And your feedback is most welcome. If you need additional features, please let us know


BirdChime Team