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Hello Team,


We are about to launch a new riding Jacket. We would like to offer customer the ability to customize various panels of the jacket to truly make their own. Our website is currently on wordpress and we have a woocommerce plugin which is capable of doing that.

We wanted to shift to Shopify but before we make that decision I want to understand it this custom option is possible in Shopify. If you could help me with this it will help me make a decision to switch.

Here is the link to the product I'm referring to

Thanks in advance.




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Configurable 3meal bag

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Hey @Alexjo

It looks like you are still on Wordpress. You might want to checkout MyCustomizer. From what I can see all the customizations options you are offering on your jacket would be very doable with our software.

You can set up your customizer all by yourself -- no coding skills required. Since all of your graphic assets are ready, I am guessing it would be a very quick setup.

Feel free to schedule a quick call with someone from my team if you would like to discuss further about your project!