App to Email People Who Purchased Tickets to X Event

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Hello all,

I don't suppose anyone would be aware of a way to send an email, only to those who purchased tickets to a specific event? Our reason for doing so is to remind the customer and offer them a link 30 mins before the event begins.

Up to now we have manually created an email through Seguno, except this only seems to allow us to send these emails to our entire list. Not everyone is particularly happy at this, naturally. Another option we have investigated is to manually import the data from the relevant orders into Mailchimp. Doing this allows us to send the email specifically to the ones who purchased the tickets, except this also isn't without issues as Mailchimp isn't keen on duplicate addresses, meaning we need to manually empty our subscriber list before sending the reminder emails out.

I feel like this should be a fairly simple thing but I'm having trouble working this out and I'd like to call upon the experience of the community, if you would be able to offer any advice at all on how we could do this differently?

Any help is much appreciated!


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Hi @DarranMc 

We usually recommend Arigato: .

This allows you to tag customers or orders and even schedule emails based on their purchase. Hope it helps!

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Hi Darran,

BookThatApp allows you to send reminders using SMS or Email. You can also schedule follow up emails after the event.

Thanks, Gavin.

This is an accepted solution.

You can achieve this with Mailchimp. First, you need to use ShopSync app to connect your Shopify store to Mailchimp. It'll enable you to segment your contacts based on the product they purchased.


Then you create a campaign targeted at the customers who purchased the event ticket and schedule sending to 30 minutes before the event starts.

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This is fantastic, just what we need!

Great suggestions to all of you, thank you very much guys!