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Hi, I'm looking for an app (or method) that will allow me to offer one item from an entire collection for free to a named customer list (ie: a free product of their choice). 


The nearest standard Shopify discount appears to be a fixed value discount applied to a collection with 'use only once' checked and a list of customers, HOWEVER the fixed value discount spreads the amount across all items in the basket which is not what I'm after.


Is there an app which will make the discount apply to just one product in the cart? 

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Hi there,


It can be possible with our marketing platform, more particularly Loyalty & Rewards, where you are able to create the discount to 100% off on a particular product. Moreover, you can keep users engaged in your store with the tiers system, so users complete various actions in order to get rewarded.


But yeah, as you've mentioned the example, the free product of their choice is something to think about :D

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Hi, there 
Dallas here from the Social Care Team at Shopify. 
There's absolutely a way for you to do that if you're wanting to offer your customers a free product. The best option that I can suggest is to use an app like Free Gifts by Seccomap. In addition to offering a variety of gifts to your customers, they have a lot of other deals and "sales" that you can offer visitors. 
There isn't a way to do this directly on the Shopify platform, but I think if you were to use an app like the one I gave above or even one like Freebies or Bold Sales Motivator then you'd really get what you're wanting. 
Since you are looking to offer free products for particular customers another thing that might be of interest to you is offering a loyalty program. A loyalty program would offer different features and deals to certain customers, but it also would work for referral and rewards. One of my personal favorites for this would be an app like Loyalty Lion. It is one of the most trusted programs when it comes to loyalty programs on the Shopify platform. is another one that I have personal experience with. 
This's a blog post that goes into more details about what some major stores have done when it comes to loyalty programs. The Starbucks and the Sephora loyalty programs I know are extremely successful. 
This blog post goes into even more detail on the technical aspects of how you can make sales and how loyalty programs work for you. The best part is they even statistics for all of them. 
I hope this helps to answer your original question, while also giving you some more information about how you can make these programs work for you to increase conversion and make more sales. 

Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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