App to count physical inventory with barcodes?

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I sell vintage baseball cards. I have thousands of them for sale and each one of them is professionally graded and has an associated unique serial number assigned to it. For eacample; I have 3 different 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle cards for sale. All 3 of them are the same card but each has been graded and has a different value and is unique as it has its own serial number associated to it. 37462837 - $300 - 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle - Fair Condition 83746297 - $500 - 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle - Good Conditions 27475947 - $1000 - 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle - Mint Condition Again, I have Thousands like this. All have a serial number. I have created barcodes for all of these and printed them out and attached the barcode to each item. I sell 70% online and 30% at trade shows. I need to do inventory counts a lot to make sure nothing is stolen. I am looking for a solution where I can simply scan the barcode of everything I physically have and generate an inventory count report that shows the discrepancy. Example, Shopify thinks I have 2673 cards in inventory. I scan every single card in my physical possession. A report is generated that shows I scanned 2668. I am missing 5 cards. It then shows me which 5 cards I am missing so I can investigate. Additionally, I have scanned 1 card that is not recognized by its serial number. I then need to investigate that and see what the error was in adding it to inventory. Does anyone know of a Shopify app that can help with this and is easy to use? Bonus if I can use my iPhone to scan in the inventory but also happy to buy a barcode scanner if needed. Again, I want this to run reports, not simply overuse the existing inventory based on a scan which is all I have been able to figure out how to do with existing apps. Thanks everyone!
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Hey there, Frederick!

Bo here from Shopify Support.

That is a really great question, coming from a retail background myself I totally understand the need for this feature when it comes to stock management. I did some digging into this and found two apps that will allow you to do this.

StockSavvy is $29/month and comes with a 14-day free trial. The description on the app page describes exactly what you need and this is the one I would suggest.

Another option is Quick Scan which is $5/month and also comes with a 14-day free trial. The reason I recommend SrockSavvy over this app is that the reviews on this app state that it takes too many clicks to be useful for stock taking.

I hope this helps!

All the Best,

Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey there, Frederick!

I am currently building an asset tracker. I can modify my current project to tailor your request.


I am currently building an IOS and android App to scan your QR/barcode, and allow you to assign the quantity so that I can update your stock on Shopify.

Where are you currently based? I'd like to have a face to face chat to see how I can help you on this.

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What's your app called?
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Perhaps Sunfy can help you with your daily tasks.

It is a native app for iOS and Android where you can change inventory very fast with scan or full text search.

You can test it for free, here is the link.

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Fredrick, I’m looking for exactly what you were looking for last year and hoping you found something you can share with me. I have an antique store with thousands of bar coded items and Was hoping I could just scan everything and compare that List to the inventory list and then investigate the Difference. The one app A person suggested sounds like it would do the job but $29 a month seems steep for something I’m only going to use once a year to do a physical inventory. Thank you for any feedback you can provide. Alan