App to fullfill orders and scan barcode tracking numbers

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I am looking for a solution to how to full-fill orders faster.

At the moment this is our process:

1. printing the orders on paper

2. packing orders

3. waiting for shipping carrier to pick up orders (SF express)

4. Scanning the tracking number bar codes with the shopify app, selecting the carrier and then sending the notification to customers.

I would like to speed this up with an app where we can pick and pack the orders and directly scan the tracking numbers, then once the order is picked up when can email the customers the tracking numbers. 

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I use Amazon FBA to auto fulfill Shopify orders, this is a low-cost solution. I've also worked with clients that use and ShipBob. And of course there's Shopify Fulfillment Network as another option.

Here's my process:

I recommend automating that now with a 3rd party service, in most cases it's a positive ROI investment and frees up time to focus on growing and scaling your business.

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why not you can use shopify plugins for different shipping companies like DHL etc.

when one tracking number will be generated then automatically it will assign on that specific order.

or maybe i did not understand your question.

can you please explain little bit more.