App to hide variants with only one option

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First off, I don't know if this is possible through an app, but I figured this was the best place to ask. I have imported products to my site using the Oberlo app. When Oberlo imports products (from Ali Express for example) it has to link that product to an exact product and it's variant. Some products listed on sites like Ali Express have variants with shipping preferences such as Ships From: China, US, Germany, etc. When I import these products to my site, I choose which variant I want it linked to, and it brings everything over to my store in Shopify.


The problem is even though the only option I give my customers is shipping from China, it still shows them that variant and only has China in the dropdown. For obvious reasons, I would like to get rid of that variant, but if I delete it in the Shopify admin, it breaks my Oberlo link to that product, and my orders won't sync. 


So my app request is for the option to simply hide variants that only have one option. If this can be done in bulk, even better! See the pic for an example from my site. 



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I want this too.

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As far as i understand, you want to better control the variants and products that are shown in your website. Do you ship all products from China or is there any product that can be shipped from both locations?

I think this app could get this job done:


App provides options and settings to control the variants visibility, However depending on theme you are using it might need some setup. You can talk to their support to get app setup. In our case, it took only 1 working days to make it work exactly according to our requirement.

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