App to integrate products and orders with third-party app

Shopify Partner
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Hi guys,

We're working on the startup app which acts as a product reseller in a way — product from various Shopify stores appear in our iOS app and can be bought by our customers. We charge them and purchase products on their behalf automatically. Shopify stores we've integrated with then fulfil the order themselves.


We feel like sharing a Private APIkey is something Shopify owners will be reluctant to do. We've noticed that it basically gives us access to all orders, not just ones we've created and Shopify doesn't have proper tools to address this. (Based on our research). So to integrate with our service faster and with less tention, we're considering a simple private app which Shopify owners can install and it will do the following:

1. It will integrate products with our store.

Essentially, Shopify owner will select categories or products he's willing to sync between his store and ours. The app acts as a API / gateway for us to be able to get product information, images, inventory, price, SKU and also track changes to the product. Essentially act as a webhook to let our backend know we need to update certain product.

2. It will create orders in Shopify for us and track changes to the orders.

Basically, we'd like to place orders into Shopify for owner to fulfil. We can access these orders and track changes to them — tracking number added, order status changed, etc. Also act as a webhook for us to know which orders to get.

3. Ideally, we'd like it to be able to immediately charge us for the order we've placed and pay Shopify owner for the products we've placed. If it's possible.


First of all — is it all possible with the App? Second — if there's a better way to do this?