App to sync orders from marketplaces into Shopify

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I am wondering if there is a product out there that will pull orders from Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay into Shopify so I can use the Shopify order fullfilment tools. I have tried things like ChannelUnity and Sellbrite, but would like to have it all come into Shopify instead of another site. 

Just curious if that exists.



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Yes. We developed an app: to help merchants like you do this and much more. Get at me if you have further questions.

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Codisto is a 5 star rated app on the Shopify app store

It synchronizes Amazon & eBay orders into Shopify.  It also creates Amazon & eBay listings & keeps prices, inventory and product details in sync.

It's different because it is accessed directly from Shopify and uses Shopify data as the source of truth as opposed to being a separate platform that uses Shopify as a 'slave'.

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Hi there,
I suggest you check out Jazva's all-in-one ecommerce solution for multi-channel merchants. Jazva gathers information on your listings, inventory and orders from your Shopify store and the marketplaces you sell on into a single location. Besides, Jazva allows you to choose from an array of fulfillment options, including your own warehouses, FBA, MCF, SFP, and others. Visit to request a free demo if you got interested.
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