Applying discounts by expiration date on Shopify

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I'm trying to do a sales page (non-business related, just for a learning project) where I want to sell perishable products, like groceries for example. The thing is that I need a couple of features:

1. Automatic stock management depending on expiracy date
2. Automatic discounts for products near their expiracy date

So far I've searched for a few e-commerce tools and I found that Shopify is the one who gets closer, specially since there are a lot of apps to add. In fact, I can get point 1 from apps like Freshly, but I'd still need point 2 and after hours of searching and trying, I didn't find anything. Do you guys know by any chance any app who would allow me to make these discounts?

If there aren't, I've been thinking about developing a custom app, but I would need to know if there is a way to access the data from Freshly via API.

Thanks, any info is apreciated.