Apps, Airbnb experience calendar sync with Shopify?

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Newbie here!

Help needed to sync Airbnb experience calendar with a Shopify app calender.

Basically, I am trying to manage an airbnb experience bookings alongside potential booking through my Shopify website.

If there was a Shopify calendar app that syncs with Airbnb in realtime I would be gratefully to hear about it. 

I would also welcome to hear about other apps and other potential ways to do this. Other calendar apps ect 

I appreciate your help.

Regards from a very windy Isle of Skye. 


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Hi there,


Do you plan use the non-Airbnb calendar to book as well, or just to display? It does not appear that Airbnb offers the ability to embed their calendar into another programmatically, but you can pipe the Airbnb calendar to a Google or iCal and display that on your Shopify store:


1) Display Airbnb calendar in another calendar:

2) Add a Google calendar to your Shopify site:


Hope that helps.

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BookThatApp supports integration with other calendars using iCal such as AirBnb.


We also offer an experiences booking widget you can use on your product pages.


Thanks, Gavin. ♥ ♥