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Hey, we manage a few stores and there are a few elements from Kylie's stores that I'd love to know if apps can do, or how these could be implemented with code on our stores.



1. The free gift  automatically with the order. We've used a few apps before but never one that auto adds consistently and is correct 100% of the time. Would this need to be done with custom code, and if so how hard would it be?

2. The upsell on the Cart Ajax. We have an upsell app but one within the cart drawer would be amazing. Another question on if this is an app or custom code.


Any insight would be awesome.

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Both customizations, free gift & recommendation upsells, can be done without apps in ajax carts.


You'd start out doing it simpler on the non-ajax /cart template

For free gift repurpose the gift wrap tutorial

For upsells you might be able to use the recommendation api (for most stores uses purchase history for relations, limitations)

Or use a tag or collection based convention changing the recommendation tutorial


Then when working you'd begin incorporating it into an ajax cart.


If you need this customization made per theme or modularized for multiple themes I can be hired at 

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