Apps for Indian Shopify stores

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Here is the list of important apps for Shopify stores in India:-

Send customized sms on order creation, cancellation, fulfillment  :- This is used to send SMS while account creation, cancellation, fulfilment etc. Currently this works only for Indian users. You can try out the app with some test credits. 

Ezyslips:- Bluedart, Delhivery, Fedex, Dtdc, Dotzot,Xpressbess, Gopigeion etc courier integration wi... :- With the help of this app you can fulfill your shopify orders, you can print shipping labels, invoices, manifests directly from this app. Highly receommended esp if your store is in India.

Shipway Tracking & SMS Notifications :- This app can be used to add tracking page on your website as well as send out SMS and email notifications for major shipment updates to your customers. 

Pincode Serviceability Check for India stores :- As in India Cash On Delivery is very popular, so as to avoid getting unservicable orders and imprvoe the user experience you can have a delivery pincode check module on your website. You can upload pindcodes for both COD as well as Prepaid.


You can install them and try out these apps as most of them are very useful for your Shopify stores escpecially if your store is based in India. Please suggest more of such apps that an Indian Shopify users must try out.



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Hey, Gaurav!

Koreen here from Shopify. ?

Some great suggestions you have here- thanks so much for sharing!
I've moved the post to our apps board so more people can view it and add their own suggestions/ favourite apps too!

I've also added some others that may interest you:

I hope this helps!

Koreen W | Shopify

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Here is a MUST HAVE app for Shopify stores OrangeTwig.

It automates your social media marketing for you i.e Designs your social media posts and posts them across all the social media channels for you. Thus, your brand stays kicking and alive, and visible to your fans and followers without any effort from you.

Also, it's CHEAP! Use at only $10/month, after a FREE trial. Imagine how much you'd spend on a freelance designer or social media specialist for the same work to get done.

How OrangeTwig helps:

  • First off, it covers all social media channels - Twitter, Fb, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.

  • Next, it lets you set a posting schedule, like 2 posts daily across all channels for a month.

  • What's unique is - It places your products in designs you choose to make your social media posts eye-catching.

  • Messaging - You can add CTAs like "Buy Now" and "Shop Till You Drop" to your social media posts to drive conversions.

  • It helps you create occasion based posts, like for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc

  • It helps you schedule and push sales, and Daily Deals like 5% Off on a different product daily. Shopify itself does not allow you to do this.

  • If you do not want to offer sales, it helps you make and schedule engagement posts like "Tag a Friend Who'll Rock This Dress <insert dress image>", and "Quote of the Day".

Make posts like this for your store (created by Seller Miabella Jewel Designs):

Try it for FREE now: OrangeTwig


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Hi Koreen,

I have been suggested this app - for shipping in India because of the number of pin codes they cover.

What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

Dinesh Chandra

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Shopify Staff
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Hey, Dinesh!

How are you? Thanks for chiming in here. ?

This app does seem like a good free option to go with. Though it totally depends on the amount of shipping codes that you may need.

Perhaps you can give it a try to see what you think? You can always remove it at any stage too. 

Some other paid options include:

Hope this helps!

Koreen W | Shopify

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Hi guys,


Thought I'd give my take on this, as it is India-specific.


I have been running a store for a while and taxes and GST can always be a pain - as you know, the taxation system and legislation in India has changed as of July 1st 2017. 


I've been using Sufio for automated invoices and so far it has met all my needs!

Here is the article that helped me setup GST for Indian stores on Shopify in case anyone else is having issues with this. 


Can anyone check on this to see if it is compliant? :)



- Ashley

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Hi there,

My site is currently open to only India, had to disable the rest-of-the-world option.

What if there are international orders, will they have to insert international pin codes as well?

And what about invoices for those who ordering internationally, would GST be calculate on those as well?

Would a currency switcher calculate shipping and taxes automatically for international orders?

Any recommendation is welcome. Thanks.

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Another app that we have found for India stores is Order Invoice GST for India

The app offers fully GST compliant invoices. 

It has some highly useful features such as :-

  • Ability to manage GST taxes & HSN codes product wise.  
  • Mention of IGST, SGST, CGST according to customer state. 
  • Mention of GST number of the supplier on the invoices. 
  • Mention of State code on the invoice. 
  • Download invoices in PDF

Checkout this app here:- 

Try out the app for free for 5 days. App link as below


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For shipping, looks good to me too. Has anyone tried it yet? 

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Hi Saira,

I use shiprocket outside of Shopify, but when I tried to sync my accounts, it automatically goes to an external link and create another new account with shiprocket.

But I am yet to try how the accounys sync and how COD will work here.

Let me know if you manage to give it a shot.