Apps for displaying promos in the Order Confirmation / Thank You Page

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Is there any app that shows offers in the Thank You Page, according to the products purchased?


I offer downloadable freebies in my store, so when the user ends the checkout process, I would like to upsell them the full version with a discount. Of course, each freebie has it's own full version. So, it is not enough to show the typical "customers who bought", "related products" or "you may also like". It has to be an upselling with a discount and related to the product that has been purchased for $0.


I know I can do that kind of upsell in the product page, but I'm testing other angles and want to offer it in the Thank You page.





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Hey, Lynda from Conversion Bear here.


Honeycomb Upsell Funnels is exactly what you're looking for.

With Honeycomb you can add post purchase upsell funnels that show on top of the thank you / order confirmation page.


You can set different triggers (like showing the offer just for people who bought product X) and show up to 3 upsell offers one after another.


Give it a try, our team would love to help you get started.




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Hello @Enrique1 

It's good idea to show some upsell products on success page,

Apart from it, if you would like to try and do some promotion when customer finishes the order by sending them order notification with your promotional coupon code for next purchase, they will surely come for the return purchase,
This will increase your sales with returning customers.
It also sends the abandoned notification on whatsapp directly and whatsapp has highest open rate compare to Email, SMS or any other channel.

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