Apps that Increase my Conversion

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What apps do you use to increase your conversion ?

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I would vote for Store Clerk.

They solved it for us by targeting the people that visit the store in a smart way and we see better customer engagement now also.

Check it out:

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Hey Susan,

I would definitely consider adding all-in-one SocialShopWave app -

It includes Social Login, Reviews, Wishlist, Sharing, Instagram, and other apps in one bundle. So it can greatly increase conversion and traffic. A pricing starts as low as $9 with 1 month of free trial. You can check out how it works here -

If you have any questions, just drop me a line:

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease:

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Hey Susan,

We recently released our new Sales Booster - Product Price Optimizer app to create A/B tests and compare the results. You'll know what works better for you by comparing different images, titles, descriptions and prices during the selected period.

You can test it here and as a good bonus for every Shopify store owner - you'll receive a lifetime free licence, while this app is in Beta.

So in order to increase your conversion rate you don't need to spend money for any paid features.

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Hi Susan, 

One app that will help your store look better and increase conversion is Malabi Background Remover. 

This app will help you create packshots quickly, automatically and affordably!

Good luck!!


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Hey Susan!

I'd recommend using Savy. Check it out here:

Savy helps convert window shoppers into email leads and eventually paying customers by providing you with crucial willingness to pay data about your products. I'd liken it to a glorified wishlist button, but instead of simply entering an email, window shoppers also get to enter a price they're willing to pay for items they're interested in. We've seen that if a window shopper's price point is met, there's a 90% chance that they'll buy!

The best part? Savy is completely free! Feel free to shoot any questions my way :)

Good luck!


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If your consumers are price sensitive, you might want to consider a competitor price monitoring tool like EdgePi.  Competitor price variation can significantly affect your conversion rates especially for new customers that are conducting research prior to purchasing.

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Hi Susan;

Hope you're well. I'm assuming that it's hard to discover apps that you could really benefit from. 

As a Shopify shop owner, you’ll most probably have less time and no purchasing department to guide you in the vendor selection process.

We have compiled a guide here to help you discover the best apps that'll increase your conversions and sales. That being said, we offer Perzonalization - a real time predictive personalization app for Shopify. We have seen 16% conversion rate increases (as mentioned in our case study). Give it a free try and let us know what you think.

Thanks and good Luck!

Ilke Karabogali

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Hi Susan,

Try to use our REES46 app. We came up with a variety of tools to increase conversion. Including abandoned carts remarketing and other personalization tools -


REES46 eCommerce Marketing Suite
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Antenna, our app, has seen a strong correlation with conversion lift across 300,000 shoppers.

We've been in beta and are just now launching our Shopify app, if you would like to give it a go!  Free, easy to install:

It's not like other apps currently available, so take a brief look!  Would love your feedback & questions, too.

Porter Bayne ----- Founder, Antenna -- Mobile-first ratings for ecommerce!