Apps that fake visitors to make you upgrade the plan?

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Hi There,

if a queation like this was disscussed before, I am sorry and please share the link.

In September I integrated an App to my store which payment plan depends on the visitors on the store. I shortly noticed after installing the App on the lowest plan which is for free, that my visiter count was increasing - like amazingly 3-4 times higher per day than usually. After like 3 weeks I reached the limit of visitors for the App and by this day, the visitors went down to my "normal" level. I got curious and follwowed this for 3 months, since the visitor count gets resetted for the app after 30 days. 3 times in a row the same happend. So, I jumped to the conclusion, that the app is causing this visitor increase.

Another reason why I think this increase of, let´s assume fake visitors, is coming from the App is, that my conversion rate went from 2,01% (Jan-Aug) down to 0,27% (Sep-Nov) since I installed the app.

In the end I decided to actually upgrade the App plan since I need it for my legal approve on a German Website. But I am quite upset, not only it looks like, they forced me into upgrading, but also they mess with my statistiks. Since the increas of new visitors are coming directly on my page and are mainly in the city where my Shop is located, I can´t of course prove anything.

I checked the reviews of the app to see, if anybody wrote about a similiar experience, but I didn´t find anything.

Did anybody here have similiar experience and do you have any recommendation what to do besides deleting the app and finding an alternative?