Apps that restrict shipping to certain zip codes.

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Hi all! 

I want to prevent delivery to certain zip codes in a few countries. What is the best solution for this in your experience? I have checked several apps, but I am not sure which one would be the most appropriate. Perhaps it's even more reasonable to code this feature in terms of fees and not purchase an app? 

There are several apps that I found, but I am not sure if they will work for me since I also have DPD delivery app in use. Do you have any experience with these? -> 

Local Delivery Rate by Zipcode - 6.99/month

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus - 6.99/month

CustomShip - Free. 

Shipping Rates by Parcelify - 12.99/month

Delivery Rates by Zip Code  - 10/month

Shipping Rates by ZipCode - 7.99/month


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Hello Kate,


You can check with this app Shipping Rates by ZipCode. I used in 2 stores and my clients happy with app's support and features.

It has many features like, you can select country plus state plus zipcode as well. You have options to set rates based on weight, price, or product and day of week as well.

Though, Each app has it's own specialty/functionality, If you have additional retirement rather then zipcode like any third-party integration ex: FedEx, then please check app's description. Each app has free days of use after installation.