Apps with Plus account - Cost - General question.

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Hi There, 

We are assessing using Shopify Plus for a business. With Plus we will have 9 expansion stores to cover global currency and language.

In assessing apps our biggest worry is that everytime we use an App it will be 9X the cost due to domain structure.

Our incumbent provider for reviews, that we are super happy with confirmed that this setup means 9X the cost * 3 brands = eye watering cost.

At the moment our URL structure is: domain/country/lang/ - therefore one TLD not 9. 

Has anyone else come across this?
Is this a general charging policy for Apps on Plus?

My concern is the cost skyrockets just for domain structure. 

Thanks for your views. 

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Speaking from an App Developer point of view - You would definitely need to install the apps separately on all your expansion stores. Shopify treats each expansion store as a separate store with dedicated subdomains like `` and ``.

We allow merchants with multiple stores to have discounted pricing or flexibility to just bill on the primary store and have the same feature set on other stores. This is something App Devs need to custom build on their end. So just check with each app for either discounted pricing or bulk billing on the primary store.