Are product Converting labels good for a Pet Brand?

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Hi there,

I recently stumbled upon a Shopify App that allows you to put product labels on your products.

I was actually kind of tempted to buy one product from the example store shown in the app. I realized this was so powerful that even me wanted to buy a product.

I was ready to install this App and set it up but until I took a step back and realized that pet products may not work as well unlike the example store shown in the app. 

Will product labels look good on my pet store? If so, should I put product labels on more "design" oriented products? (dog leashes, cat collars, etc) and leave the way it is for more practical products such as pet (tooth brushes, flea brushes, groom brushes, etc)

I would LOVE to hear your opinon.

Here's the Shopify App for putting product labels:

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