Attention Store Owners Using Yotpo Product Reviews

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I wanted to share this information with fellow store owners who are using (or considering) Yotpo with Shopify...

We discovered today that none of the 20,000+ product reviews on our website are being crawled by Google! This is a HUGE disadvantage when it comes to organic SEO and search engine rankings. 

We researched the problem and have determined that it is due to how Yotpo is integrated with Shopify. Yotpo uses javascript to present review data in real-time as the product page is loading (it's called their reviews widget). Because of this, when Google crawls your website it only sees the javascript code and not any of the actual product reviews. We contacted Yotpo and asked about this and they said that Google "should" crawl javascript, but after further research we found that there are many factors that can affect Googles ability to crawl script and apparently Yotpo is affected by this. More info here:

I did find one help document on the Yotpo website here: . It specifically addresses the issue of inline SEO, however, it says that the solution is for non-hosted solutions like Magento, WooCommerce, etc.  I believe in order to get this working we need to be able to pull all the text content out of the Yotpo script and present it on the page as plain HTML, this will allow Googlebot to index the data. 

We are working with Yotpo to see if there is a possible fix, but historically Yotpo has done little to take ownership of issues and typically says "contact Shopify"...

I'm hoping a fellow community member has figured out a way to solve this or at the very least will join me in trying to convince Yotpo that this is a real issue. I have a feeling there are hundreds, if not thousands, of stores running Yotpo on Shopify and are not aware that their reviews are NOT being indexed by Google. 

If anyone has any idea or recommendations on how to solve this I would love your input.

Thank you,



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Hi Mark, You should switch to another review APP, The review content inside will be indexed by google, it will rank your website higher. I already use it on my new website:, will check for the result. We plan to use this review app in other shopify stores if it really helped. Richard