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Is there anyway to automate order fulfillment instead of going to each orders and "Mark fulfilled" . Also would like to know if can print shipping labels in batches instead of printing each one by one.

Idea is to avoid manual process as much i can . Please suggest

Thanks In advance

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You can create custom rules to automate order fulfillment with Order Automator. I'm the lead developer on the app so if you have any questions or need customizations just give me a shout.

For shipping labels printing, the I like Shippo for shipping. Here's a video on how to print labels in batches with them:

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You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that handles both these cases easily. The app allows you to print shipping labels in bulk for multiple carriers. Also, once you generate the labels in bulk and mark the orders as shipped, the Shopify orders are marked as fulfilled. Here is a video on the app setup:

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