Automated abandon cart sequence

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Hi, hoping this is posted in the correct thread.


my problem / question


Recently I have purchased a mail theme from OrderlyEmails which changes how the theme of my emails are beeing sent out to the customer, but there is 1 email which I would like not to be sent automatically ( Abandon cart email ). I want this to be a email sequence ( send 1-3 emails ).


OrderlyEmails nor shopify support this future, as far as I have researched. so I decided to add  the Omnisend app. 

I was able to create a email sequence for the abandon cart subject.


But now im thinking to my self, if shopify automatically sends the email template ( changed with OrderlyEmails to a new theme )  to my customers and Omnisend sends my new abandon cart sequence aswell, this would mean that my customers would get 2  emails stating that they forgot something in their cart correct?


so how do I disable the automated email send from shopify and only have Omnisend send the abandon cart sequence,


Hope this describes the situation correctly.

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This is an accepted solution.


My name is Silvija, I'm a part of Omnisend team and I hope this information will be useful for you.


Some of the automation workflow offered by Shopify can be replaced by Omnisend entirely. In other words, you can disable them in Shopify and enable it in Omnisend. This how it works for the Abandoned Cart sequence. To disable Abandoned Cart automation in Shopify, you should go to Settings -> Check-out -> scroll down to the needed section.


You can see an example in this picture below or you can find more information here:



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Amazing! This answer worked for me too - thanks so much!

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As a buyer, when I receive such sequence emails, I think that there is an automated system (like a robot!) that is sending email to me and I don't feel it is a personalised message and I think the merchant doesn't know anything about my taste and spams me!

In addition I know that if I do not act on the first one, I will receive better offers on the second and third ones!!!


So, I think it is better to manage messages and act more customized and personalized. It is better to send offers to someone who really won't buy without that offer and discount and leave the other person who is more interested, to come and buy on her/his own! 

I found a new app that does it for you : BestPush | Smart Notification

You can check it out here:


It sends offers based on price-sensitivity and interest level on your shop! There is not a rule to send your message exactly after one hour! so it looks like a wise person, not a robot!




hope you find it helpful