Automatic Retail Price From Cost

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We're looking for a way to have the retail price automatically created based on the COGS of the product.  I found a lot of apps that provide profitability analyses but they are strickly reporting apps and have no function to create pricing from those costs.

We'd like to be able to do the following:

  1. Enter COGS
  2. Enter desired margin (globally and per SKU)
  3. Have the retail price populate automatically based on 1 & 2 (and round up to nearest $0.99)

Anybody seen an app that does that?


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hey Michael,

thanks for sharing, this makes sense. a few questions:

  1. do your COGS update often? is that a reason for wanting this?
  2. would some other app be automatically updating the COGS, thus the pricing, or you manually?
  3. by "retail," do you just mean the Shopify product price, or would this control pricing on other apps too, like Amazon?

feel free to email me your answers, if you prefer not to post here publicly.


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Hey, Michael!

If you can compile those prices with formulas on the Excel file, then you can use this tutorial to just import and update the Price field by SKU:

Oh, and if you need to import that according to a certain schedule, here's how you do that:

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I have the same need. Can\t figure it out how do i do that

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Hi @Michael_Davis4 


This can be easily done with Airtable - you can set prices in bulk to a specific number, or use a formula to set based on a percent increase/decrease or any other logic you want (e.g., take cost and mark up 30%). Check out our overview of how to bulk change Shopify product prices with Airtable