Automatic order nitification to warehouse and fulfillment.

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Hi there any App & feature pros in here. I am looking for some guidance on how to implement automatically sending order notifications out to 3 or 4 different warehouses that hold my stock to then fulfill the order and mark it as fulfilled with tracking details etc.

I'm not sure if using locations or vendors is best to do this or if a drop-shipping plugin or fulfillment service is needed?

I see there are many drop shipping plugins out there that sound like they are mainly for finding products off shore and adding them to your site, however I already have all my products and want to assign them to be sent out from various locations in Auckland.

I currently use Go Sweet Spot to manage fulfillment from from one location but I have been told from GSS that they can't split orders/items in an order to be notified to different fulfillment warehouses

Any help or knowledge here would be of great help and much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
Cheers, Andrew.

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Hello @Andrew_HopeI am Gabriel from Auto Fulfill app.

Auto Fulfill app is an order management and auto fulfillment of orders app. It will split and send order notifications emails(consists of order details & vendor link to enter tracking details) to respective vendors when an order is placed in Shopify.

The vendor can then enter the tracking company URL and tracking numbers in the vendor link, so the order gets fulfilled automatically in Shopify. 

I hope this can meet your need.

Contact us at or our live chat support for help.


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Recommend that if u are doing shopify dropshipping,u can try Ourmall, which can help autofulfill orders. ship worldwide. sync shipment tracking. etc.

Hope helpful to u.

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You can add all your warehouses into Shopify locations (Settings > Locations) and provide each location with a staff account (Settings > Plan and Permissions > Staff accounts) that can access only the orders. This should solve your issue in an easier way.


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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @Andrew_Hope ,

Thank you for using the Order Fulfillment Guru app. We specialize in working with a Shopify store's existing warehouses, suppliers, and dropshippers. We recently added advanced order routing rules that should further simplify order fulfillment and management. Let us know if you have any other questions?

Order Fulfillment Guru automatically splits, routes, and streamlines your order workflow.

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Thanks Claire -

Your app is really quite the best solution I have found.  We are So glad we found you and are using it.!