Automatically publish products when they come back in-stock, but exclude products in a certain collection/product type

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We're currently using the Zero Out app to automatically hide products once they're out of stock as well sell almost entirely one-off items, but when we recieve an order and it's cancelled due to fraud the item is restocked but not published on the online store until it's done manually. Zero Out does have functionality to automatically publish items once they're back in stock but we create our products with a certain product type and they're in Shopify with quantity but they don't have a price yet and that's done manually so we're looking for an app that we can use to automatically publish in stock products but exclude these products that haven't been priced.



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Hey Adam,

Did you ask Zero Out app developer to implement such a functionality? It would be ideal in your case I believe. 

I'm curious why stores hide out of stock products while they could just enable a back in stock app and have a chance to recover some sales. Can you share your thoughts?

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This might help:

This Mechanic task would be super easy to modify so that it only publishes products with a non-zero price (or whatever your specific price criteria looks like). :)

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Hi Adam, 

I think it’s a great opportunity for Zero to implement this feature, have you asked them about this? 

By the way what you think about a scheduling app like theme, product, collection scheduling along with your requested features. Do you think that’s a great all in one deal? Where you’ll able to set the logic like if the product is not fulfilled then re-publish the product. Let me know if you like the idea.



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Similar to Mechanic, Mr. Arigato can also help with this sort of problem using automation. 

Check out The app is currently in development. Sign up for the mailing list and we'll let you know when it's out and send a 10% off coupon. 

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Hi there,

You can use this app:

- Hiding product when it goes out of stock, and publish it back once it is back in stock.
- Hiding out of stock variants

- Exclude certain products from hiding
- hide products if product doesn't have any image
- Hide any product which has inventory below X
and much more.