Automating Drop Shipping for suppliers not on Aliexpress / Oberlo

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I'm creating a marketplace type store which will feature products from suppliers who are small local businesses - most of whom will have their own small online stores. Suppliers will send me product details, photos, prices etc and I will be uploading these as products to my store. Orders will be placed through the site but fulfilled by suppliers directly. 

I'm looking for an app that can do the following (ideally all, but Even some of these would be great!)

  • Automatically send orders to suppliers when order is placed on my site so that they can fulfill them. 
  • Allow the suppliers to provide tracking information back to the store and then to the customer once available
  • Maybe even allow some way of automatically paying the suppliers once I receive the payment on the Shopify store. 

Oberlo seems to be the go to when suppliers are on AliExpress, but does anyone know of an app that allows you to add your own suppliers such as small local business?

Shopify newbie here so any help much appreciated! Very excited to get this off the ground  

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