Automation of a basic order workflow using Zapier - advise please :0

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Dear Community,


I am looking for an elegant way to streamline and automate a quiet simple process:

After someone makes an order on my Shopify shop, the order data should go out automatically to my manufacturer. It should not go out via Email, but rather be stored in something like an order management system, project management tool or in a database, where the manufacturer also has a convenient overview of the orders.


The thing is: I want the manufacturer to see only certain attributes of the order (like personalized text on the sign, or color of the product) and not all the info like price etc. 


And then, the manufacturer is supposed to somehow tag the order as "shipped", so that the customer gets and automated email that the order is on its way.


It is pretty simple, but practically its not quiet easy to realize. I am willing to pay for apps like Zoho, Quickbooks, Asana or whatever is a great tool. I just would like to know what is your experience in automating this workflow. Thanks!

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Hi Nick,

We have done numerous integrations with Shopify. We do not have a ready app for something like this nor have I seen any app to suggest you a solution.


We can discuss and develop an app for you in a short turnaround time. Please contact us at


Thank you.

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Our new automation app, Mr. Arigato, can give you this level of control over what data is sent and it integrates with Trello for project management. You could start with our prebuilt workflow "Create a Trello card when a new order is placed" and customize it to suit.

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Hey Nick,


We actually have a platform to do this. We are in the process of releasing a Shopify app. You can contact us at 

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Hello, lovely community!

I realize this is an older question but I figured I would chime in with an idea to potentially help some future answer-seekers

The process of sharing Shopify orders with manufacturers so that they can fulfill them can be automated with Integromat  (a no-code automation platform). You’re going to need Shopify, Airtable, email, and Integromat accounts to create two automated workflows:

  • The first workflow to watch new Shopify orders and to send them to a designated Airtable base.
  • The second workflow to watch the order status in Airtable. When the status gets changed to ‘shipped’, it also automatically changes in Shopify and a confirmation email is sent to the customer. 

There is a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the entire process of setting up the automation. 

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Full Disclosure: I work for Integromat and I genuinely believe this is a great solution to the posted question