[BUG] Google Shopping app and Conversion tracking

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When we install Google shopping app, some conversion actions are created in our Google Ads account, and of course a tracking script is injected in our website.


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If we uninstall Google Shopping app, the tracking script isn't injected anymore and so we don't have the action conversion in google ads. Ok it's logic.


BUT, here is the problem : if I install again Google Shopping app, the tracking script isn't injected anymore so I have no more action conversion tracking...

I tried to uninstall/install Google shopping app again but I still can't have action conversion anymore...


Is it a known bug ?


Thank you



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If you like to install it manually to ensure it is not connected to an app. Then you can follow the guides below.

Micro conversions: https://feedarmy.com/kb/track-micro-conversions-in-google-ads-with-shopify/

Macro conversion: https://feedarmy.com/kb/adding-adwords-conversion-tracking-to-shopify/


When installing it manually, when you remove apps, it will not take any effect because the code is manually created.

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Thank you, I did it with your guides already.


But it was awesome you just had to install google shopping app and get all conversion code created automatically...


I think the app is bugged