Backorder and drop ship automation

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We are an omni channel retailer that takes a lot of pre orders, backorders and we also partner with our suppliers on drop shipping products.  The process we have right now for fulfilling these type of orders is time consuming, onerous, done manually and prone to errors.


In a (very simplified) nutshell, what we are trying to achieve is:


  1. Orders that come in that create a negative quantity for an item automatically move that item into a supplier PO
  2. Items will also have auto refill points/quantities that will ideally be manually added to these same POs if the reorder point is reached
  3. This PO builds during the week and inventory manager will ship it off once it has been double checked
  4. When the item(s) are received and landed, the orders that are now ready to fulfill auto print receipts for our shipping team to pick, pack and send to the customer.

Is there an app (or group of apps combined) that could be used to achieve this or is it likely a custom build?

Thanks so much for any help, direction or experiences you can share