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Hi there,


I am looking to upgrade my website which is running have a custom script currently installed which allows us to attach a badge when we edit a meta field on the product page. Please see the 'A+ Green badges on the homepage'.


Unfortunately, we're unable to update the code which is failing. However, I was hoping there's a plugin that we could use instead that could serve this purpose?


Happy to expand on anything.


Best Regards!

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Hi @GScreenChris,


Unable find the 'A+ Green badges on the homepage'. Is that on your storefront? If so can you provide a link? When you say a plugin do you mean a custom app? Also is the metafield attached to your products?





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Hey @GScreenChris,

Not sure if you found a solution to your problem yet.
I recently launched an app on Shopify which allows you to apply labels on your products. 

You can use labels such as trending, bestseller, sale, new, etc on your product images using this app. Labels would help you highlight certain products and let your customers choose products quicker.

We also have labels for sales that you can apply to your products and also choose the position that you want to apply them to.
If you want, I can add your custom label to our collection and you can start using them on your products without any coding involved and remove whenever you want. You can also choose to apply a variety of other labels to your products based on your need.


Do try it out and share your feedback!

Cheers, and wish you all the best! 


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