Best Affiliate Apps + Strategies for Brand Influencers

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Hey all - hope everyone's killing it in the ecommerce world today.

Our site is launching is we believe affiliate marketing could be a primary driver of sales. Why? We're in the decor business and decor enthusiasts generally like the endorsements of brand influencers (bloggers). 

We'd like to set up an affiliate program in which I can reach out to these bloggers and offer them a commission for selling our work. Specifically, we need something that'll track how many visits they're generating and how many sales are coming directly from each blogger. We'd like to stay away from introducing coupons. 

First question - is this a sound strategy? Are we missing anything that could cause issues with this in the future?

Second question - is there any software people would recommend? We'd like something easy and maybe even something that can pay automatically. And something that doesn't cost a firstborn.

Here are some we've been looking at:





Thoughts from anyone who has used these?


Thanks gang,



Note: if any reps try to sell me on their product in this thread, they'll lose points in our book. We want to hear from users.

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Hi, your post just came up in a search as we are just asking exactly that question! I wondered if you had any experience to share on affiliate software? Did you go ahead? How is it working out? I'd be grateful for any feedback. Thanks