Best App to drive traffic to store

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What is the best (free) app to drive traffic to your store? 

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Hey @petpourripets 

I came across your post and thought of sharing some insights on driving traffic:

  • First, you need to ensure you know where your customers are and then 'reach' them across those platforms. To get the right reach, you need to ensure you create content that would appeal to the needs of your customers.
  • Boosting posts/ads through FB & Instagram with a very small amount is a good start due to the strong geographic, demographic & interest based targeting it provides
  • Next aspect is retaining your audience and convincing them to make a purchase. An effective way to do this is via product labels & badges to highlight your best sellers, new arrivals, etc. You can try out the ModeMagic app which allows you to choose from a vast library of stickers and also allows you to start for Free! Here's a sample screenshot of how your store would look with badges... If you try and it works for you, do let me know! Would love to speak/brainstorm more...

    image (1).png

    I hope this helps!



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