Best COGS and Inventory Management App

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Hey friends, 


I am the person that started this thread and used Lightspeed for 1 year. Great POS, but I am selling everything off my website now and I only see this getting stronger. 


Has anyone found an App that is robust with COGS, and allows me to have multiple vendors, multiple costs for items - meaning I often fulfill a certain item from different vendors and different costs?


I am either locking into Lightspeed for another year or switching everything over when the shop reopens - LMK,


Also @LF4  do you use Lightspeed as POS still and use a third party app to integrate inventory?


@LF4 wrote:

Lightspeed is great for POS, but it's HORRIBLE for ecom. I spent tons of time and money and ended up switching back, Don't do it!!