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Hello all,

We are currently using an app Collection Sort and it's been wonderful. It does most of everything we need it to do. 

However, our company has thousands of "one of a kind" items and it's been a struggle to filter through out-of-stock items. The app automatically hides OOS items from a customer perspective, but it's impossible to manage them from the back end as there is no marker indicating that the item is OOS nor does it push it down to the bottom on the employee side. 

Is there a collection app that will push all out-of-stock items to the bottom? Ideally, we'd love for the app to apply a marker to the item so we can easily recognize where the out-of-stock items begin and end. 

If anyone has any suggestions at all, I'd certainly be grateful.


Hi DevenR,

please check our new app Nada -

The app is automatically sorting collections in real-time, so the sold-out products are always at the end of the collection. And we also push the sold-out items to the bottom on the employee side. So feel free to try it as we offer free 7-day trial


Hope it helps to solve your problem.

Martin Zima
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Hello @DevenR 

I will recommend you try out Ultimate Search and Filter by Sobooster

You can use our merchandising rule to push all out-of-stock items to the bottom and also add labels (markers) to them.
The app also has a lot of other amazing features you will find useful.

You can email if you need help setting this up and trying it on your store.

Thank you!

Collins Mbaka | Support Specialist @ Ultimate Search and Filter

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Hey @DevenR,

Our app, Push Down & Hide Out of Stock, does exactly what you want!

You can move out-of-stock products to the bottom of the collection with our app.

It has an easy setup, and all processes automatic. And also it can sync your collections in real-time!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Co-Founder / Developer at: merchbees
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