Best Method for Order Notifications (Omnisend vs. Shopify Notifications vs. Aftership)

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Currently my store sends 4 Order Notification Emails to customers through built-in Shopify Settings:

1) Order Confirmation

2) Order Shipped

3) Out for Delivery

4) Order Delivered!

I have not customized any of the emails and they are essentially blank other than just the notification.  I want to add text and maybe some images inside of them to continue to build a connection with our customers.

Do you recommend using Aftership? or stick with Shopify Integrated Emails?  Or use Omnisend (my email service provider - which integrates with Aftership)?

I already pay for Omnisend, and would prefer not to pay for additional services unless they provide me or my customers with a great user experience.

Or...have you had a great experience with any method of order notifications?  please share your experience.