Best Method for Order Notifications (Omnisend vs. Shopify Notifications vs. Aftership)

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Currently my store sends 4 Order Notification Emails to customers through built-in Shopify Settings:

1) Order Confirmation

2) Order Shipped

3) Out for Delivery

4) Order Delivered!

I have not customized any of the emails and they are essentially blank other than just the notification.  I want to add text and maybe some images inside of them to continue to build a connection with our customers.

Do you recommend using Aftership? or stick with Shopify Integrated Emails?  Or use Omnisend (my email service provider - which integrates with Aftership)?

I already pay for Omnisend, and would prefer not to pay for additional services unless they provide me or my customers with a great user experience.

Or...have you had a great experience with any method of order notifications?  please share your experience.



Hi L2Market,

Why don't you try

You can customize notification with your branded materials (logo, theme etc)
You can control when ( confirmation, shipped, in-transit, delivery delays, out for delivery etc)  and how to send notifications (SMS/email)
Provide product recommendations on order tracking page
Collect order delivery feedback and manage returns via single click widget

Shopify Partner
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Another alternative for order tracking app, which also lets you customize email notifications, is Trackr. 

This order tracking app will let you create a branded order tracking page on your store so your customers can conveniently track the status of their shipment. And, of course, they can opt-in for receiving automated email updates.

Both the order tracking section of your page as well as the emails are totally customizable, which will help you strengthen your brand image in addition to building a trustful relationship with your customers.