Best Retail Shop Reporting App?

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Shopify has all of this data, but I can't seem to find a way to pull it all together.  I'm hoping there is an app out there for it, but I can't really tell from the descriptions of the ones I've looked at.

For each individual sale, I would like to see:

  • Gross Sale
  • State Tax
  • Local Tax
  • Discounts
  • Per Item Price
  • Cost of Goods Per Item
  • Shipping Cost
  • Shipping Discount
  • Shipping Vendor
  • Shopify Fees
  • Which box was used for shipping (from my list of boxes)

I think that some sales are much more profitable for me than others, so I need to make some adjustments, but I can't pull the data together to see for sure.  It can also help me determine when it makes financial sense to upgrade my Shopify plan.

Anyone using something like this?