Best Shopify App for Mobile Optimisation?

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Hey guys, I've looked in the app store and only found apps that help you create  "Store Apps". I was interested in an app or two that helps you optimize your store for mobile phones. Sure in the future a store app would be nice. But for now I just need to optimize my store for mobile.

Also if you guys know any css lines that would be necessary for stores that use Debut Theme so that their mobile version of the store is responsive, and you are willing to share...

The main issues I have so far on mobile with my store are:


1. Tables:

  • if I have multiple rows and columns, the text inside them overlaps on mobile
  • if I have just a middle line to make two columns then I get the full table but only when sliding, but at least nothing overlaps (This is an acceptable version)

2. Text Wrapping around images:

  • it doesn't downsize the image enough and therefor, the text remaining the same size it automatically look very bad on mobile

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.