Best app to help naming products based on most search

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I get most of my customers from referrals or social media. I sell on type of item, 3 different styles. The problem I have is that my product is unique and not very known, thus searching for it online is difficult because each person has a different name for it. My product doesn't have a general name, it's not simple such as "Running shoes". 


I sell Motorized license plate covers, which I've named them as "Stealth Plates". I do have competitors out there, however, each one names it differently e.g. "Motorized License Plates" or "Hide-away License Plates". 


I've used Keywords to see similar keyword hits, but it's not much help. I renamed all my products and product SEO and metadata, but there is no way to find out if changing them made an impact or not. 


Is there a SEO app that would be details to as Informing me "What is the BEST/most used name or search" for such product? Thus, allowing me to rename my products, hashtags, etc..


Thank you

@MajjHello if you know web site of your competitors you may use neilpatel com or alternatives.. - input there your competitors and you will receive a lot of SEO KEYWORDS of them. So you can make some conclusions.

Also you may use(if you running your business for a while) a google search console to understood how users finds you(which search queries they are using)

And there is no "BEST name of search" tool on the market)))

You need to dig deeper in your keyword research it is my opinion.

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Hello, thanks for your reply. Yes, i'm doing my research for best keywords. Regarding Shopify, can you please advise what's the best way when using Titles, H1 heading description and text description. 


Here's what I'm currently doing for example-->

Product Name: Stealth Plate Curtains

H1 Description: Stealth Plate Curtains

H2 Description: Our Motorized License Plates etc...

Remaining Desc: Smaller size font. 


Please see screenshot of product example below. Is this the right way? As you see the product title and then H1 is repetitive, however I read somewhere in the Shopify forum, an expert recommending to add the Product name in H1 so it appears better on SEO , is that correct? Thank you very much.



As I know H2 is an addition to H1. So H1 (Stealth Plate Curtains) must be included in your H2.

H2 is extended meaning and explanation of H1.

Alex with eScraper
Extract any data from any website into your Shopify store.

I dont think there is any app available in the market to name any product. You yourself have to strategically decide that by doing some research you can decide product name. Write product name which makes it clear what the product is, and conveys what makes it better than competitors. A business name and product name should work together with synergy, meaning both should help support and build the profile of the other.

You have to do a lot of research and marketing because it may be possible that, you’re missing out on getting in front of people who want your type of product, but don’t know about you yet.

So I would suggest to learn the market as it becomes easier for you to identify the target customers and then draft an effective marketing strategy which may help position your business among the target audience.

Having unique products has their own pros and corns, such as:

-No one will outrank you for your product name
-May be more memorable
-Could be used to call out the product’s unique selling proposition

-No one will find out about your product via search
-Requires a decent marketing budget to make anyone aware of your product
-It may not be clear what your product is from the name

So you have to do lots of research while deciding the product name.

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