Best approach and practice to filter product catalogue based on inventory on a selected store level?

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My client is using Shopify really more as a retail hub than an e-commerce experience with a single inventory. Accordingly a requirement is for the user to pick the store location as early as possible in the customer journey and for Shopify then to limit product display based on there being inventory available for a product in that particular selected store location.
What is the best way to implement that logic? We are using Sparq already as a filtered search plugin.
Thanks in advance.
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Hi @pppez80 

I think a good way to solve this issue will be to use a "YMM" like filter


The idea of the YMM is to allow your users to filter and search through your inventory using key fields. In this case it will be an Inventory Location.
So on the homepage or where ever the user starts their journey on your store. You can have a similar filter with maybe [Inventory Location | Availability | Price]. So these fields will have a narrow down option that will allow the users to only be able to see products that match these options they have inputted.

This is usually what wholesale clients with large inventory use. I'm happy to discuss this further with you. If this seems useful to what you're trying to do.

Thank you!


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Hello @pppez80 

You can use the Collection filter & Search bar to add the filter by location on the collection page and even the homepage.