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Looking for a way to incorporate different sales for different collections at the same time. For example I want to run a sale for collection A for 25% off while also running collection B for 40% off. I would also like for the items to show the sale price next to the regular price before they add it to the cart.

I have not opened my store yet, so something free / cheap to get started would be useful until I get revenue coming in. Thanks!


Hi @Bflaherty03,

For collection sales, you can consider using Bundle app like this one it allows you to create discounts for products from a collection - work in bulk.

However to display the compared price and discount price on your product page - you still have to manually update the discounted price of your product from Shopify admin > then some of your themes will have an option to showcase both prices.

Or you can use a page builder like PageFly to style it - here a video demo and some templates to look at.

Hope you find it helpful!

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