Best way to perform a/b split tests in Shopify

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Dear Shopify'ers,


In the search for a higher conversion I often wonder which mockups would score best: a sec basic model, a native model where the clothes are worn by means of a stock photo, customers who wear the clothes...


This can vary from webshop to webshop. In order to get a good view on this, it is best to test this by means of a/ b split tests.


But how to do that in Shopify? I already read technical tutorials using Google Optimize, but I have little knowledge about that. Is the Shopify app "Neat A/B Testing" recommended?

Thanks in advance for the insights!

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My team and I built an A/B testing app for Shopify called Theme Scientist:


We designed it to be easy to use, track key stats, and you can test products or theme versions.


I have some test examples I've been collecting as well... if you want some ideas give me a shout.


We're also doing free theme edits right now for your first test if you need help setting up, just contact and ask for Joe (that's me :D)... I'll get you dialed in.

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