Best way to show my products are limited edition ?

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Hello community & staff,

so I want to sell my art via Shopify.
Some of my products are limited edition. I only make 250 pieces of some. All artworks are numbered.
So I am looking for an app that indicates how much are left and people see very easy which ones are limited and which ones aren’t.

I found the Limited Edition App nur it doesn’t work with my language app(translate my store) - switching the store language to German has the bar disappeared.

Do you know a similar app?

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This is an accepted solution.

AKA: This feature is also referred to as an inventory display, stock leftstock countdown,etc 

You can find apps in the apps store using those above terms do.



Check your admin settings first - make sure you have inventory tracking turned on and "continue selling" is DISABLED to not oversell.

Check your theme settings and docs - some themes include the feature check your developers documentation to be sure;

 this may show in the theme visual editor when on a product page under an inventory option.


This can be achieved without an monthly app with a onetime customization with the variant.inventory_quantity property

,which is even simpler if your not dealing with variant option dropdowns so you don't need to edit javascript.


Find the relevant template(product.liquid,  sections/product-template.liquid, sections\featured-product.liquid, etc).

If there is only the default single item and you dont need any translations or other logic then:

<p>Only {{ product.variants.first.inventory_quantity }} Remaining</p>

Alternatively for to list variants look for the variants product loop, that is not inside a <select> tag, that goes over the variant information

{% for variant in product.variants .....
<p>Only {{ variant.inventory_quantity }} Remaining</p>

Though if variant option dropddowns are used you would need to also modify javascript





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