Beta Test our Dimensional Shipping App!

Hi guys!

We're weeks away from launching our newest app, Smart Boxing, and we're looking for beta testers. Check out this video to learn about the app and who we designed it for. 

The Problem We're Solving


Major shipping carriers like Canada Post, USPS, and UPS, charge for shipping based on the dimensional weight of a package; a single packing peanut in a fridge-sized box will be exponentially more expensive to ship than a lead paperweight in a shoebox.

The problem with Shopify's live shipping rates is that you are allocated one package dimension to send off to a shipping carrier. If you only fulfill orders using one box size, this usually won't impact you. However, if you ship orders using multiple box sizes and face vastly varying shipping costs, you need to get your ship together if you want to scale your store.

Our Solution


Smart Boxing is built for merchants who are in need of dimensional shipping rates at checkout. Simply assign the dimensions for the products in your store, the packages you fulfill (ship) with, and our proprietary SmartBoxing algorithm will calculate the most efficient boxing for an order, returning accurate live rates at checkout. 

If this sounds like an app that would help you, please fill out this form.  As a thank you, beta testers will receive a lifetime discount on the Smart Boxing app. Once launched, Smart Boxing plans will start at $9.99/mo. 

Warm regards,

Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping
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