Beta Testers Needed for a Cool New Shopify App (free)

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Hey, guys! We're looking for BETA TESTERS for our new Shopify app: ShopSense, created especially for building a unique Shoppers' Persona. Every one of your Shopper will have an automated profile built with all Tags of their preferences. It is an in-depth user profile and then each Tag on click shows preferred collections.


To become a beta tester and get the application for free you need to meet several requirements:

  1. You should have your own Shopify website.
  2. You need to have time to test the app and give us your feedback.
  3. You need to be able to connect via Skype/Google meet

Your feedback on the app is highly appreciated! The app is under review, so will be able to test it out before it comes live. 


In order to participate in beta-testing, just PM me!


What does the ShopSense do?

ShopSense is an AI-based User Persona and Engagement platform that empowers marketers and sellers to enable the most human intuitive discovery of products. Understand your shoppers’ preferences and relationships with your products to enable hyper-personalization through their shopping experience.



1. Unique Shopper PersonaUnderstand the actual shopper preferences by analyzing the granular details of their journey right from the beginning.

2. Automated Product DiscoveryUnderstand the intent behind the search queries to enable relevant recommendations and better product discovery.

3. Hyper-PersonalizationGo beyond just the clickstream analysis and understand contextual relationships with the products to enable Hyper-personalization.


Increases Product discovery, better conversions, and Engagement.



  1. Automate the entire process of manually optimizing the store and overcome the challenges with changing shopper's expectations.
  2. Get a better understanding of your shoppers just like when they visit the actual brick and mortar store with behavioral insights.
  3. Understand deeper contextual relationships with your shoppers and your product catalog.
  4. Hyper-personalize the shoppers’ experience across pages - Homepage, Collections page, Product page, Cart page, Search page, Order status page, and Blog Homepage.
  5. Helps merchants enable Shoppers to easily search for products with their preferences.
  6. Get notified of new suggestions based on Shoppers' likes and dislikes.
  7. Access Shopper's preference anytime anywhere on your Shopify Site.
  8. Enable Upselling and Cross-selling with Popularity across the Site, within a Category, for a Brand, etc.
  9. Achieve higher User engagement, Product discovery, and better conversion with a deep understanding of users.


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It looks and sounds great, doesn’t it? 


Get hundreds of sales on your Shopify store with ShopSense! 



ShopSense is an app for Shopify. To start using this tool, you don’t need any extra tools, only your Shopify store.