Billing API denied for app store submission. Need help with billing API verbiage

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We submitted our app. It was denied stating that we did not give a Billing API upon request.


  1. Use the Billing API to process all charges associated with your app and comply with our requirements. A review was not conducted as this time as the billing API has been requested during multiple reviews, upon your next submission please verify that 100% of the charges are going through the Shopify Billing API to avoid an app submission suspension long term.

I do not know what is being asked here since what are we giving to Shopify review in the context of making an API call to Shopify. We have a free plan. We have paid plans. Paid plans create recurring charges. Does the free one need a FREE recurring charge of no charge whatsoever? We tried to submit a recurring app charge of $0.00 and Shopify API says that is not allowed. Is there workaround on this issue? Any help would be grateful.